SportsLite- Volleyball


Our new 8′-dia. Sportslite AirLites are a great way to bring fun, safe group play to any environment. These lightweight air-filled balls are made to slowly float through the air, making them easy to target and strike by groups and individual participants. Exclusive Air Seal stitching minimizes air loss during play. Constructed of flame-retardant, ripstop nylon. Easy to fill and refill with high-volume inflator.




Bring a new level of success for your students with special needs. With its giant size, the Sportslite Volleyball is easy to track. The AirLite increases the fun and success achieved in volleyball activities in your program.
Students will love when they walk in and see the AirLites blown up. Watch them all have greater fun in class with greater success. The size makes it easier to track the balls and for your students to use them. Students will be motivated and excited to participate. They will learn that it takes several people to maneuver the AirLite, making it a great team-building activity. The light weight of the AirLites makes it easy for any student to hit or strike them, making their PE experience that much better.


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