Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy & Intensive Behavior Intervention (IBI)Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) focuses on the learning of new skills that will help individuals live a more productive and independent life. It is recognized as one of the most effective interventions for treating Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Intensive Behavior Intervention (IBI) is an evidenced-based treatment proven effective for children with autism and it is typically implemented with children who are school aged. The principles of ABA are used to teach your child in an intensive teaching format.

The goal of IBI therapy is to teach your child HOW to learn. Skills are
taught systematically and with repetition. Through teaching core skills
across different areas of development, your child will learn to better engage in life and adapt to challenges.

Benefits to Parents

  • Increased confidence to deal with difficult
  • Knowledge on how to teach your child new skills
    Increased cooperation from your child
  • Improved relationships with your child, friends and family
  • Coping with stress and frustration
  • Help creating boundaries and structure for your

Benefits to Your Child

  • Develop skills in different areas of their life
  • Reduce challenging behavior
  • Increased cooperation
  • Increase community integration
  • Learn how to learn in their natural environment
  • Engage with more friends and social opportunities
  • Positive learning experiences
  • Overall improvement in quality of life

Speech Language Pathology Services

Speech Language Therapy helps to improve communication skills and is beneficial for:

  • Receptive language – comprehension or understanding of language
  • Expressive language – use of language
  • Speech – articulation, phonology, and motor speech
  • Voice and resonance disorders
  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills – phonological awareness, decoding, reading comprehension, and writing
  • Pragmatic/Social communication – use of language in social context

Occupational Therapy

Playful Strides Therapy Inc provides Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services to children.

Physiotherapy can support children with ASD with motor difficulties, toe walking, fitness and motor control needed for play, school and community management.

Occupational Therapy helps children manage their sensory, motor and life skill development to be the best they can be.

ABA based Social Groups

Registration for groups and private sessions are dependent on assessments and clinical recommendations.

  • Make-and-Take
  • Music / Songs-and-Stories
  • Science
  • Sensory

Therapy Fundraiser

We take great care to help our students explore their creative and sensory talents by integrating their learning programs with our many toys and learning materials. Thanks to our supplier, Flaghouse Canada, we are excited to be able to bring our families and their friends the opportunity to purchase therapy supporting learning materials at competitive prices. 

We are asking our community to consider purchasing these items for their families or for donation to an organization supporting children. When you purchase one of our therapy support items the proceeds go towards helping to fund additional hours of direct therapy for children who may not be able to receive the full clinical support they need.

We hope you’ll take a look at our catalogue options and help our centre support our community. 

Please contact us if you have questions about any of the items you see or if you would like more information on how you help with our fundraiser. 

Unleash your true potential.